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Gem (Meg)
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United Kingdom
My name is Megan but on here I guess I prefer to be called Gem or Meg. I don't mind though.

To AzureNebulae,
You're an amazing person. Even though we've only known each other for a few days, I already think of you as a dear friend. You're so kind, interesting, and clever - but you don't get nearly enough compliments for that. You need someone to make you know how great you actually are! Your poetry is so well-written and touching, too. I hope you believe in your talent and always continue to gift the dA community with your writing. <3
Besides, I really enjoy talking to you, our conversations are always wonderful. And we still have so much to talk about ^^ I love how we're so open to each other and you already trust me with your problems. I'm glad to be a friend to such a gorgeous human being.
Much Love,
( LadyBitterblue ) - 27/9/14

Honored 2 Have Gotten DD Stamp by Mirz123

PhantomShe's always seen during
daylight -
yet her beauty is
I, with shaking hands
[and nerves],
wrapped her round me
like a scarf,
though she still gives
me midnight chills
and spasms of pain
                        Her friends pick daisies and
                        pierce the stems with their
                        link them together like
                        married couples
                        who are pulled out of their
                        beds by love
[pushed back down
by alcohol and the
need to please].
She bent o
- 8/10/14


how to take someone for granted (instructions).i. when the weight of the world is on their shoulders, leave them be.
when the heaviness transfers to you,
expect their sympathy.
ii. goodnight cuddles and kisses add a nice touch
to a relationship; it is far too much
for them to ask you to listen.
too much time is wasted, you see.
iii. yes, when they are curled up crying with their blanket or duvet or whatever instead of you for warmth, you know you're doing well.
they are beginning to tell
that you only want them for your own need.
iv. endless messages flood your phone. inbox. voicemail. letterbox. they want you but you are not there.
you don't care. congratulations - you're not too attached.
v. now it's the time to find someone new
to bend-over-backwards and jump through hoops for you.
she has gone crawling to someone else for support and is trying to forget your existence.
and just how do you feel about that?
- 30/4/14

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The end of an era

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 26, 2015, 1:03 PM

I have made a big decision. I have decided that I will not submit much to dA anymore. There are a few reasons why and I'll explain them all. 

This will probably be my last poem for a long long time. 

the end of an erai will not be
staying behind in the city: asleep
to be blind, to not see the flames
licking the buildings in my mind.  

My first reason for this is because I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and have been given medication. As many of you know, I can only write poems when I feel down. They are an emotion vent. Therefore, taking the medication is like a writer's block. They don't allow me to feel any particularly bad emotion anymore. Which could be a good thing, but my creativity has been sacrificed. 

Leading on from that, the fact that my poems are an emotion vent means that there is little meaning in them. My boyfriend made me aware last night that they are cryptic and hard to understand. I cannot expect people to understand my poems when I don't even fully understand them myself. The poem in this journal represents the emotions I am feeling, 'licking my mind'. As I said, I don't feel bad because of the medication but I don't particularly feel good either. I'm like a void. Empty. Like the meaning of the poems. I cannot help but feel like I've lost people on here, which is probably totally my fault anyway, as my poems have changed a lot over time. I cannot write how I used to, no matter how hard I try. But, I write for myself and that's all. It's my style now. Not that I'll be writing many poems from now on because my inspiration has vanished. 

Finally, I feel as though I don't belong here anymore. Which is no one's fault but my own. I haven't kept up with my watchers, I haven't seen many of my friends' artwork and poems and I haven't really made enough effort to hold significance within the community. I would just like to thank those who have been here for me, who haven't given up on me. You are probably one of those people if you are reading this now. 

I will not delete my account. I will still be here sometimes to read poems and talk to people if they want me. I will just not be uploading poems often. 

Thank you <3 


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KLove4Ever Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I miss you. :huggle: :heart:
Jasperinity Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2015
Happy birthday! :D
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Happy birthday, my friend. Even if you're not on dA anymore, you're still with us :)
PrincessHeavenly15 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2015  Student General Artist
I wish you an happy birthday! I hope you have fun.birthday cake
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